A Lesson in Wine - A Few Popular Varieties

It only makes sense that the best fine dining restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks has an extensive wine selection. There is something special about finding the perfect wine to compliment and enhance the flavors of your meal. 

JB Hook's has an extensive wine list that is sure to have something to please everyone. It even includes Signature Wines created specifically for us by Shawnee Bluff Winery & Vineyards! There are so many choices, it can be intimidating for someone that is just beginning to learn about the different types of wines. The following introduction to some of the most popular varieties may help your decision, and our servers are always happy to make suggestions when you order.


Chardonnay - Quite possibly the most popular white wine, it is an excellent choice to enjoy with fish and chicken dishes. It tends to have a velvety taste, wide-bodied and dry, with rich citrus flavors.  

Pinot Grigio - A zesty, refreshing, light-bodied wine. It generally is dry and crisp with a punchy acidity and may contain flavors of lemons, limes, green apples, and honeysuckle. 

Sauvignon Blanc - It has herbal characteristics and has been classified as "grassy" and often features tropical fruit flavors, sometimes with a crisp pucker. This is a wonderful wine to pair with seafood, poultry, and salads.     

Reisling - A refreshing and usually sweet wine with intense fruit flavors, such as apple, apricot, peach, and pear. It is much lighter than a Chardonnay. These pair well with fish, chicken, and pork dishes.   

Moscato - Sweet and easy to drink, it is often classified as a dessert wine. Flavors of peach, nectarine, and orange are often present. 


Cabernet Sauvignon - This full-bodied wine with herbal notes tastes better when paired with a meal, and it goes particularly well with red meat. The older the wine, the richer the flavor.   

Merlot - It is known for being soft, ripe, elegant, and quite easy to drink. It pairs beautifully with just about any dish, and also tastes wonderful on its own. Black-cherry and herbal flavors are typical, and sometimes spiced flavors are present with notes of chocolate.   

Pinot Noir - This red is delicate, fresh, and tastes excellent paired with grilled salmon and chicken, but it works well with most other foods too. You will find fruity aromas and often earthy notes. 

Zinfandel - Usually zesty in flavor, this wine can range from medium to full-bodied, and from dry to off-dry. 

The descriptions above are very general, because depending on what region a particular type of wine comes from, the flavor will vary. The longer you taste different wines, the more you will be able to pick out distinct flavors and choose which are most pleasant to you. 

Our Lake of the Ozarks seafood and steak restaurant is a wonderful place to try all kinds of different types of wines. Our wine list is extensive, and there's sure to be a few on there that you will absolutely love. If you visit JB Hook's during Happy Hour, we offer special prices on our house wines, as well as our famous homemade Sangria. Be a little daring the next time you dine with us and try something new. You just might love it! 

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