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JB Hook's Ocean and Freshwater Fish Entrees

JB Hook's is proud to offer the best seafood at the Lake of the Ozarks .  We specialize in both great ocean and freshwater fish dishes.  Today we would like to share the items from this portion of the menu with you.   Austrailian Lobster Tail One pound North Australian lobster tail oven broiled to perfection. Hook's Stuffed Lobster Tail Our signature one pound lobster tail stuffed with King crab & Panko bread crumbs, oven-broiled to perfection finished with Dayboat sea scallops & shrimp in a classic Scampi sauce. Alaskan King Crab One pound of King crab legs steamed in spices and served with drawn butter. Hook's Coconut Fried Shrimp Seven large shrimp encrusted in coconut and deep-fried golden brown. Served with Jezebel sauce Mahi Woodrow Mahi-mahi filet pepper encrusted and grilled to perfection topped with caramelized red onions & bacon, finished with hollandaise Fresh Day Boat Scallops Rockefeller Fresh Dayboat scallops lightly Cajun dusted and

Welcome to Our New Blog

JB Hook's is thrilled to begin bringing you our weekly blog, along with our presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.  We want to make sure that we can reach everyone that would like to know where to find the best seafood at the Lake of the Ozarks , along with the best steaks at the Lake of the Ozarks . Our current owners, John LaFata and Bruce Elliott, opened JB Hook's 20 years ago in 1995.  Ever since then we have been a favorite restaurant in the Lake of the Ozarks because of our delicious food, great specials, wonderful entertainment, and the best customer service in town.  Our goal is to make our valued locals feel at home and our tourists feel like locals!       Best Ocean Fish and Steaks We specialize in seafood and steaks, taking extra care to make sure that they are prepared in the freshest and tastiest way possible.  Menu choices include Lobster, King Crab, Filet Mignon, Prime Rib, and so very much more.  You can even get a little taste of both wit