Warm Up With JB Hook's Soup Selection

If you can't resist ordering a steaming hot bowl of soup at JB Hook's, you're not alone. From late fall to spring, most people just can't resist the lure of our favorite warm soups. Whether it's an animal instinct to fuel up hot bowls of creamy soup in order to survive the cold weather, or it's simply because these thick and rich options are remembered and readily available this time of year, at JB Hook's you can be sure you're sipping on the freshest ingredients available. We know you're going to enjoy your dining experience at the best steak and seafood restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks. May we suggest some sensational soups to try during your next visit? You won't be disappointed!

JB Hook's Soup Selection
All of our soups are offered in either a cup or a bowl. They pair nicely with our salads and are an excellent dish to enjoy before your entree arrives. We serve our soups with Lavosh crackers and smoked tomato fresh basil cream cheese. 

French Onion

French onion soup is a simple, rustic and delicious dish and JB Hook's has perfected the recipe. You may be wondering, is French onion soup actually from France? Well, although French onion soup is not original to France, they did help to improve the recipe. We know that Romans enjoyed a soup made with cooked onions in broth but to our palettes advantage, at some point in time, the French decided to caramelize the onions, bringing out their natural sweetness. It wasn't a bad idea to top the dish with cheese and toasted bread either.

  • JB Hook's French onion soup will entice your senses with caramelized onions in a beef and chicken broth with bay leaves and a touch of sherry, topped with croutons and melted Swiss cheese.

Salmon Bisque

Salmon Bisque is an savory way to enjoy salmon. A little trivia here, what makes a bisque a bisque and not a chowder? Both bisques and chowders are made with seafood and vegetables, with a creamy base but chowders tend to be more stew-like or chunky.Traditionally, a bisque is a smooth, creamy, deliciously seasoned soup of French origin and our unique twist on the modern recipe is sure to delight.

  • Just one scent of JB Hook's Salmon Bisque will have your mouthwatering. With tender bits of smoked North Atlantic Salmon blended in a rich and creamy broth, you better order the bowl, one cup just won't be enough. 

Soup Du Jour

No matter what the featured soup of the day is at JB Hook's, you can be sure that only the finest ingredients were used. Our chef features a special soup daily, just ask our server for pairing suggestions. 

For some, soup is a warm comfort food, often thought of when it's chilly outside. At JB Hook's soup satisfaction is guaranteed! When you dine at the Lake of the Ozarks desirable fine dining restaurant, you're sure to be pleased from appetizer to entree and everything inbetween. If you haven't sunk your spoon in one of our satisfying soups, we invite you to try one - you might find a new favorite JB Hook's menu item!

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