7 Dining Etiquette Rules You Need To Know

From making the reservation to table manners, it's important to practice considerate restaurant etiquette when dining out.  Whether you're taking your sweetheart on a date, enjoying a meal with clients or out with a group, JB Hook's is always the right choice to please your party. Even if you have impeccable manners, we've got some tips to refresh your dining etiquette and help you make a great impression during your next JB Hook's dinner. 

1. Making a Reservation

If you are hosting your groups gathering, make a reservation and keep it like any other appointment. If your plans change or you are running behind schedule, call ahead to inform the hostess. This allows for the restaurant to make accommodations for your guests, therefore avoiding misunderstandings and ensuring a smooth seating. 

2. Use Your Napkin Properly

When it comes to napkin etiquette, unfold your napkin in one smooth motion and place it in your lap immediately upon seating. Use your napkin for blotting the sides of your mouth only, if you feel a sneeze coming on or need to blow your nose, excuse yourself to the bathroom. When the meal is finished, loosely fold your napkin and lay it to the left of your plate or in the middle of your place setting if the dishes have been retrieved

3. Know Which Utensils to Use

Each course should have its own utensils and  they may already be in front of you, or will be placed in front of you as the dishes are served. If the utensils are already on the table, a good rule of thumb is to begin with the utensils on the outside and work your way in as the meal goes on. The largest fork is generally for the entrèe, the salad fork being smaller. The largest spoon is usually the soup spoon and if you are having a fish course, you may see the fish knife and fork as well. The utensils above the plate are the dessert fork and spoon, these often arrive with the dessert. 

4. Proper Plate & Glass Placement

Generally, there is a simple rule to remember where your bread plate, meal plate, and water glass belong. Keep you bread and butter plate on the left, the meal plate in the middle, and your water glass on the right. This is not just a matter of convenience but etiquette.

5. Remember to Break Bread With Your Hands

The polite way to eat bread at a table or restaurant is to rip it with your fingers. Remember to break your bread or crackers in half and tear off one piece at a time. If interested, butter the pieces as you are ready to eat them. 

6. When To Begin Eating & Food Rules

In a restaurant, wait until all are served at your table before beginning to eat. Drinking and eating in moderation is the polite thing to do. Whether you're with friends or clients, be mindful of how much you consume. In the case that your meal has to be returned for any reason, it is polite to instruct other guests to go ahead and eat without you. Always chew with your mouth closed, and we all know the importance of waiting to swallow before speaking. 

7. Leave Your Phone OFF The Table

We know phones go everywhere these days, but you should avoid taking it out at the dinner table. You may be tempted to check a text or email, but no matter how sly you may think you're being, if noticed, your dining companions may find it rude. Take the time during dinner to connect, enjoy and savor your delicious meal and conversation!

JB Hook's offers the best fine dining at the Lake of the Ozarks (casual attire is fine, by the way!) and our world-class steak and seafood menu is sure to satisfy your well-mannered palate. Come for a romantic evening, business lunch or private party and practice your dining etiquette while our exemplary staff helps you enjoy a wonderful dining experience at JB Hook's!

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