Beyond Seafood & Steak - Our Pasta, Poultry, & Pork Dishes

JB Hook's is well-known for our amazing ocean fish menu items, and equally famous for our savory steaks. Our chefs are experts at those food items, but that's not the extent of their culinary genius. Our Lake of the Ozarks fine dining restaurant has a large menu filled will all kinds of mouth-watering flavors. Among these are our Pasta, Poultry, and Pork dishes. 

JB Hook's, Lake of the Ozarks

Pasta is an excellent foundation for a very nutritious and satisfying meal. It mixes wonderfully with many different types of meats, vegetables, and sauces. The carbohydrates in pasta give your body energy, plus it is low in sodium and cholesterol free. Once we add a few ingredients to it, you have an irresistible meal. 

Lobster Pasta

Slipper lobster tails sauteed with cremini mushrooms, asparagus & fresh basil tossed with penne pasta in a garlic cream marinara

Pasta Primavera
Sauteed onion, pepper, mushroom and asparagus, tossed over penne pasta in a rose sauce

Fettuccine Alfredo
Fettuccine pasta tossed in a classic cream, butter, garlic & parmesan cheese sauce 

Chicken is an incredible source of protein, and it supplies essential vitamins and nutrients for your body. Studies have shown chicken to be useful in controlling blood pressure, and it is rich in phosphorus which is an essential mineral that supports your teeth, bones, kidney, liver, and central nervous system. 

Stuffed Chicken Chardonnay
Stuffed with cream cheese, and crabmeat breaded, fried and finished in the oven, topped with Chardonnay cream sauce served on a bed of New Orleans' rice

Chicken Gregory
Sauteed with mushrooms, onions, and red bell peppers in a classic supreme sauce topped with swiss cheese

Chicken Oscar

Sauteed in white wine, lemon and butter. Topped with Lump Crab, asparagus and bearnaise 

Often referred to as the "other white meat," pork is also a great source of protein. It gives a body lots of essential vitamins for daily living, and pork is high in phosphorus, potassium, selenium, and zinc.

Pork Loin with Golden Raisin Chutney
16 oz pork tenderloin medallions grilled, finished with sauteed golden raisins, basil, red onion and pecans

Are you hungry yet?
You don't have to be a seafood or steak lover to enjoy a meal at JB Hook's. Our menu has a very diverse selection of items, sure to please every person in your dining group. We open daily at 11 am for lunch year-round, begin serving dinner at 5 pm, and feature the best Happy Hour at the Lake of the Ozarks every weekday and on Sundays. The next time you are feeling hungry but don't want to cook, head on over to JB Hook's. We can't wait to show you the amazing food that's waiting for you!  

The Lake's Best Ocean Fish and Steaks

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