Ice Cream Cocktails - Tasty Refreshment with a Kick!

We're getting into the hottest days of the year, the "Dog Days of Summer" as they call it. You can beat the heat at JB Hook's by dining in the air conditioning while still being able to enjoy that magnificent 14-mile panoramic view of the lake. If you need a bit more cooling off than that, one of our refreshing Ice Cream Drinks from the best bar at the Lake of the Ozarks is just the thing to do the trick! 

We have a fully stocked bar which allows our creative bartenders to mix up nearly anything under the sun. Add to that the vanilla soft serve ice cream machine that our mixologists have access to, and there are all kinds of delicious, frozen possibilities! Whether you're looking for a scrumptious drink to cool you off or a bit of dessert with a kick after your meal at our Lake of the Ozarks fine dining restaurant, the following ice cream cocktails from our drink menu are exactly what you need! 

Brandy Alexander
Vanilla Ice Cream blended with Brandy and Crème De Cacao

My Blue Heaven
Vanilla Ice Cream blended with Orange-Cream Vodka and Blue Curacao

Vanilla Ice Cream blended with Crème De Menthe and Crème De Cacao

Nutty Irish
Vanilla Ice Cream blended with Hazelnut Liqueur, Amaretto, and Irish Cream

Vanilla Ice Cream blended with Irish Cream, Kahlua, and Vanilla Vodka

Vanilla Ice Cream blended with Kahlua and Crème De Cacao

Raspberry Dream
Vanilla Ice Cream blended with Raspberry Liqueur and Crème De Cacao

Peaches & Cream
Vanilla Ice Cream blended with Peach Liqueur and Vanilla Vodka

Copper Penny
Vanilla Ice Cream blended with Kahlua and Amaretto

Vanilla Ice Cream blended with Espresso Vodka, Crème De Cacao, and Chocolate

Banana Split
Vanilla Ice Cream blended with Crème De Banana and Crème De Cacao

Strawberry Fields
Vanilla Ice Cream blended with Creme De Cacao and strawberries

If you happen to stop by during Happy Hour, you can enjoy your "adult milkshakes" along with a long list of half-price appetizers in the bar area. You'll also find great drink specials on mixed drinks and house wines, including our very popular homemade Sangrias. Happy Hour happens here Sunday-Friday. The times change slightly from season to season, but you can always find out the current times by visiting or giving us a call at 573-365-3255

Also happening in the bar area every Monday-Saturday from 5:30-8:30 pm is some of the best live music at the Lake of the Ozarks. Our website also has an updated music schedule so you can find out when your favorite artists are playing and make plans to join us then. Possibly come in for an excellent dinner, then head to the bar with your "dessert" drink to enjoy the show. What a delicious way to end an evening!     

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    Thanks to the beneficial chemical compounds it contains (polyphenol and resveratrol), red wine is one of the best choices for those ditching sugar. A small (250ml) glass of wine contains just under 1 gram of sugar (1/4 teaspoon).
    Bearing in mind your recommended daily sugar intake should be 50g for women and 70g for men, this is a drink you can afford to enjoy occasionally.

  2. I would have it with a protein shake after your workout and then eat an hour or so later.

    Food and Drink


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