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9 Interesting Facts About the Delicious Oyster

Oysters are a very interesting shellfish, and as it turns out, an extremely healthy one too. This Lake of the Ozarks restaurant would never leave oysters off of our delicious seafood menu. They are incredibly good for you, and once you give them a try, you are most likely going to love them. JB Hook's dug up a few fun facts about oysters that you may not know. Take a look at this list. The health benefits alone should make you want to give this savory seafood a try.  1. Oysters have been around for over 180 million years. 2. Some people refer to them as "arsters" because it has long been said that oysters are meatier and taste better in months that contain the letter "R."  3. The same type of oyster can have different flavors, all depending on where it was raised.  4. Oysters aren't just male or female, but both! They begin life as a male, then switch to being egg-producing females, and can then choose to change back into a male.  5.

Get Outdoors at the Lake of the Ozarks This Spring

Our Lake of the Ozarks restaurant features the most amazing view in town. This time of year, the weather begins warming up and we not only want to see outside, but we are itching to get out there and enjoy all that the lake area has to offer. JB Hook's has put together a few ways for you to get outside and do just that. photo courtesy of MO Sate Parks Parks and Trails The natural beauty of the lake area is a sight to be seen in the spring. There are numerous parks and trails all over the area to explore.  Ha Ha Tonka  is a very popular attraction featuring all types of trails to hike and the marvelous castle ruins to enjoy. You can find a detailed list of the hiking trails at the  Lake of the Ozarks State Park  online, as well as other important park information.  Boating The days are getting warmer, and the lake seems to be calling out to all of us. It's the perfect time of year to get out on the water before the summer crowds show up. If you aren't quite re

A Delicious, Lake View Lunch at JB Hook's

Every day seems to be a little more beautiful than the one before as spring approaches. It's the perfect time of year to make your way over to JB Hook's for lunch overlooking with our amazing 14-mile panoramic view of the lake. Dine in our bar, the Sunset Room, or outside on the patio.  Lunch is a big deal at our Lake of the Ozarks seafood restaurant . The menu is paired down a bit from our dinner selections, but there is still an incredibly large amount of soups, salads, appetizers, sandwiches, and entrees to choose from. In addition to all of that, we feature a $5.99 lunch special daily. A mid-day meal at JB Hook's is a great break on a weekend afternoon, and an amazing change of pace in the middle of your work day during the week.  We featured our delicious soups and salads in a blog last month. Today you will get a look at the sandwiches and entrees that are available daily between  11 am - 4 pm. ENTREES Hooks Housemade Angus Steakburger 1/2-pound grilled b

Weekend Fun at the Lake of the Ozarks

Spring is just around the corner. The annual Lake of the Ozarks St. Patrick's Day parade (and JB Hook's annual St. Pat's party ) will be taking place this Saturday, March 12, we are setting the clocks forward one hour on Sunday, and March 20 brings the first official day of spring. Soon it will be beautiful enough every single day to enjoy the 14-mile panoramic view of our Lake of Ozarks seafood restaurant from the deck rather than only from inside the building. The warmer weather and overall excitement that this time of year brings to the lake area also brings along with it some wonderful events. In addition to our own JB Hook's party, there are quite a few awesome activities going on this weekend to enjoy. Lake of the Ozarks St. Patrick's Day Parade  Saturday, March 12 The parade will start at 1:00 pm, but the road will be closed to thru traffic from 12:45 pm - 3:00 pm. You will want to get to our JB Hook's parking lot early and claim your

JB Hook's St. Patrick's Day Parade Party

It's nearly time again for the 32nd Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade on the Bagnell Dam Strip. Thousands of people flock to this spring-welcoming parade every year, and your favorite seafood restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks offers the best spot for viewing the parade.  Why is JB Hook's the best place to watch the parade? Well, not only does it pass directly in front of our restaurant, but we will be hosting our annual St. Patrick's Day party for everyone inside! This has become a favorite yearly event for many of our customers, and we get excited looking forward to each each year.  THE PARADE This year at 1:00 pm the St. Patrick's Day parade is celebrating its 32nd year. Traffic will be stopped between 12:45 pm - 3:00 pm along the parade route. It travels from the Tomahawk Motel to Bagnell Dam. Bring your lawn chairs and get your spot in our JB Hook's parking lot. On a nice day, the crowd begins gathering early, so don't be late! This year&