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The 14-Mile Panoramic Lake of the Ozarks View You Don't Want To Miss

The delicious dishes that JB Hook's has to offer is the main reason that most customers fall in love with our establishment. Another reason is our breathtaking view of the beautiful lake. No matter where you choose to sit, that gorgeous scenery is visible to you.  Being the best lake view restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks , we wanted to make sure that the water could be seen by all of our customers, not just from a select few tables, by from all of them. Whether you dine indoors our outside on the covered patio, that amazing scenery will be right there for you.  The main channel of the lake is 92 miles long from end to end. JB Hook's boasts a magnificent 14-mile panoramic view of this incredible body of water. We have a wonderful location right next to the community bridge on the main channel, so on good boating days there are plenty of boats cruising by to entertain you while you eat. On race weekends, like Lake of the Ozarks Shootout weekend, you'll occasional

Who Loves Steak? Look At What We've Got For You!

JB Hook's features many different menu items, but the we are most known for having the freshest ocean fish and best steaks at the Lake of the Ozarks . Today we've decided to focus on the "steaks" portion of our incredible menu.  We prepare many different cuts of steak, including filet mignon, Kansas City strip, and prime rib. We also have many surf & turf plates for the people that can't resist ordering our delicious seafood dishes too. In a moment we will list the many choices that you have when it comes to steak at JB Hook's , but first, here are a few fun facts that we thought you might be interested to know.   Steak Facts Most beef is aged before it can be consumed. Filet mignon has no fat to break down, and because it is so lean, it does not have to be aged.  If there has been a drought, the cost of beef rises. If it doesn't rain, the grass that feeds the cows does not grown and forces farmers to buy more feed.  Steak is an exce

Happy 50th Birthday Lake Ozark!

Even though it seems to be much older, the city of Lake Ozark is turning 50 this month! This will be celebrated with all kinds of fun events and activities happening on the historic Bagnell Dam Strip, right up the road from your favorite seafood & steak restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks .  JB Hook's is a popular fixture with both local residents and visitors to Lake Ozark, MO. While the town has been around in theory longer than 50 years, Lake Ozark officially became a fourth-class city in Missouri in August of 1966. Prior to that, it was referenced by a few different names until the United States Post Office gave it the name. Friday The weekend celebration will kick off at 6 pm with the award-winning Hot Summer Nights . This month's theme is "Since '66 - 50 Years of Cruising the Strip." It will include all of the regular Hot Summer Nights fun, plus '60's music blasting over the speakers and a dunk tank featuring local celebrities.  Satur

Celebrate National Oyster Day at JB Hook's

Friday, August 5, 2016 is celebrated across the country as National Oyster Day. This delicious food is a favorite at JB Hook's . It is both tasty and nutritious, so the best seafood restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks simply had to add some to our menu.  A classic dish Oysters have been a delectable dish since prehistoric times. They've been around for over 180 millions years! Originally, they were an inexpensive food to purchase, so they were considered a "working class" meal. The oyster beds began running low over time due to the high demand. Once they were scarce and harder to come by, the price jumped up and they turned into a more expensive delicacy. Similar, yet different You can find over 100 species of true oysters all over the world, and they take on the characteristics of the water where they live. Even though they may look very similar, the taste of two like oysters can vary greatly from mild and salty to creamy and sweet, depending on wh