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The Annual Magic Dragon Car Show Is Back May 6-8

The Bagnell Dam Strip, just a slight trip up the road from your favorite lake view restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks , will once again play host to the Magic Dragon Street Meet Nationals. This amazing car show brings thousands of people to the area for a weekend full of nostalgia and impressive automobiles. J B Hook's pulled together some details so you won' miss any of the fun. 28th Annual Magic Dragon Street Meet Nationals Friday - Sunday May 6-8, 2016 JB Hook's is positioned in an excellent spot for getting to see all of the classic car traffic go by all weekend long. You are likely to see quite a few of those beauties parked in our Lake of the Ozarks seafood restaurant parking lot throughout the weekend. Many arrive days before the actual car show.  Awesome Car Show on the Strip The Bagnell Dam Strip will be closed to traffic all weekend long. Not only will each side of the street be filled with magnificent show cars, trucks, and motorcycles

20 Conversation Starters to Get Everyone Talking

It's happened to most of us. You sit down at the dinner table and it's a little too quiet for comfort. Maybe you stopped by our Lake of the Ozarks Happy Hour and weren't sure how to strike up a conversation with someone new. Everyone has a lot to talk about, but sometimes it's difficult to get the conversation started. Talking to family and friends that you are close to usually isn't too difficult, but every once in a while it's fun to spice up the conversation a bit and take the talk in a new direction than your norm. When it comes to talking to a person that you are meeting for the first time, it's best to keep topics general and non-controversial.  JB Hook's has put together a few interesting questions that could lead to some very compelling conversations. Most of these will work well both one-on-one and in a group. Here are two lists: one that should be safe for people you already know, and another that is safe to ask just about anyone.  

According to TripAdvisor, People LOVE JB Hook's!

JB Hook's  received a Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor, and you will find many favorable reviews on their website too. Even more exciting than that is the fact that they have our Lake of the Ozarks restaurant rated as #1 out of 50 restaurants in Lake Ozark. There are a lot of incredible places to eat in our town, so this honor really is a very special one to accept. searches for the best of just about everything in every state. This week they posted an article entitled " The 20 Most Highly Rated Restaurants In Missouri. They're Amazing. " and JB Hook's made the list because of our #1 spot on TripAdvisor. Our upscale eatery was commended for our steak and seafood offerings, creative cocktails, and lake view.  Most visitors to the Lake of the Ozarks have already experienced this for themselves, but the kind shout-out may bring in a few new faces to our restaurant, increasing the customers that we are able to treat to a

A Few Food Jokes for National Humor Month

April happens to be National Humor Month , so we thought we'd lighten things up and feature a little humor, (in some cases, very little) in today's blog. We know how to have fun here at the best steak and seafood restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks .  These jokes and puns may make you laugh out loud, or you may roll your eyes and groan. The goal here is for them to hopefully make you smile and bring a bit of humor to your day. If nothing else, we've set you up with some witty things to say the next time you join us for JB Hook's Happy Hour. Enjoy! - What did the fish say when he swam into the concrete wall?    -     Dam! - Why don't oysters share their pearls?    -    Because they're shellfish. - Why did the vegan go deep-sea fishing?     -     Just for the halibut. - Man at bar:  Do you know how to fish?   Girl at bar:  No. Why?    Man at bar:  I think we should hook up! - What's the difference between roast beef & pea soup?  -