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National Creme Brulee Day

July 27 is National Creme Brulee Day! Here at JB Hook's, you can enjoy our specialty creme brulee dessert after a delicious dinner. It's the perfect way to end a meal at our Lake of the Ozarks steak and seafood restaurant. The sweetness of the cream paired with the caramelized sugar makes for a truly unforgettable dessert. While we know that creme brulee is a tasty dessert, have you ever wondered about its origins? JB Hook's has all the details about this French dessert to help you celebrate National Creme Brulee Day. It's Long History Like most things in the food world, it's hard to trace back where creme brulee was first created, however, we have a good guess and when it was invented. One of the first recordings of this delicious dessert was in France in 1691, but its origin might not be French at all. England, Spain and France all claim to have created the first version of creme brulee, but custards were very popular in the Middle Ages. In fact, its popula

Happy Hour Appetizers at JB Hook's!

The best Happy Hour at the Lake of the Ozarks happens Sunday - Friday from 3:00 - 7:00 PM, and features great drink specials and delicious half-price appetizers! There are so many great reasons to join Lake of the Ozarks' best seafood restaurant for Happy Hour from the great live music to the tasty appetizers you can enjoy for an amazing deal. If you're planning on joining us during the happiest of hours, here are some of the delicious appetizers you can enjoy for half price! French Dip Sliders - Delicious, thinly sliced slow roasted beef cooked to perfection stacked between toasted Hawaiian buns and topped with Swiss cheese. Served with Au Jus. Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos - Fresh jalapeno's stuffed with smoked tomato basil cream cheese wrapped in Applewood smoked bacon. Ahi Tuna Tacos - Fresh tuna spiced and served in a Wonton shell with avocado salsa, Thai chili sauce and wasabi cream cheese. Fried Green Beans - Lightly battered green beans fried to perfection. O

5 Fun Facts For Crab Lovers

At JB Hook's, we LOVE seafood! From oysters to lobsters and everything in between, you can't go wrong with a good seafood dish. Many of our favorite dishes like our house special stuff lobster tail, feature crab. So, we wanted to learn a little bit more about this popular shell fish that's in many of our favorite dishes. Five Fun Facts For Crab Lovers 1. Did you know that both crabs and lobsters are decapods, meaning they both have 10 limbs? Other decapods include crawfish, prawns and shrimp. Although crabs are decapods, some crabs are not considered true crabs like King Crabs, Horseshoe Crabs, Hermit Crabs and Porcelain crabs, as they do not have 10 limbs. 2. Crabs typically walk sideways, as the crab's legs are attached to the side of its body. The bending of the knee towards the front makes walking forward easier, however, on crabs, their joints bend outwards, which enables them to only move sideways. However, there are some species of crabs that can walk fo

Celebrate National Caesar Salad Day At JB Hook's

The Caesar Salad is a dish that is often found at any fine dining restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks . Whether it's a side dish or the main course, this salad is a fan favorite at JB Hook's. While you may have ordered this dish many of times, you probably haven' thought much about the history. And you may be quite surprised to learn about how and where this delicious dish originated. According to legend, an Italian-American restaurateur named Caesar Cardini invented this delicious salad in 1924 in Tijuana, Mexico. That's right! This delicious salad has no ties to Rome and Julius Caesar. Cardini owned a restaurant in this tourist destination to supposedly attract Americans who were frustrated by Prohibition. While the exact details are a bit fuzzy, the general consensus is that over Fourth of July weekend, Carini's restaurant was busy and he was running short on supplies and didn't want to disappoint his customers, so threw together a bunch of ingredients