Our Long, Delicious List of Half-Price Happy Hour Appetizers

Happy Hour is defined as a period of the day when drinks are sold at reduced prices in a bar or restaurant. We do that at JB Hook's, but we go a step further and also offer a long list of delicious appetizers at not only a reduced price but HALF-PRICE! Great drink specials, amazing food at a huge discount, and even some incredible live music are all key ingredients to making this time at our bar the best Happy Hour at the Lake of the Ozarks

The Half-Price Appetizers A popular feature of our extended Happy Hour is the long list of fantastic appetizers that are available in the bar area. These aren't skimpy portions toned down for a special price, but rather full appetizer servings of these exquisite dishes created by the talented chefs of JB Hook's.

French Dip Sliders
Delicious, thinly sliced. slow roasted beef cooked to perfection stacked between toasted Hawaiian Buns and topped with Swiss cheese. Served with Au Jus.

Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos
Fresh jalapenos stuffed with smoked…

Ice Cream Cocktails - Tasty Refreshment with a Kick!

We're getting into the hottest days of the year, the "Dog Days of Summer" as they call it. You can beat the heat at JB Hook's by dining in the air conditioning while still being able to enjoy that magnificent 14-mile panoramic view of the lake. If you need a bit more cooling off than that, one of our refreshing Ice Cream Drinks from the best bar at the Lake of the Ozarks is just the thing to do the trick! 

We have a fully stocked bar which allows our creative bartenders to mix up nearly anything under the sun. Add to that the vanilla soft serve ice cream machine that our mixologists have access to, and there are all kinds of delicious, frozen possibilities! Whether you're looking for a scrumptious drink to cool you off or a bit of dessert with a kick after your meal at our Lake of the Ozarks fine dining restaurant, the following ice cream cocktails from our drink menu are exactly what you need! 

Brandy Alexander
Vanilla Ice Cream blended with Brandy and Crème De Cac…

10 Fun Facts For Lobster Lovers

It's no surprise that one of the most popular items on our menu of the best seafood at the Lake of the Ozarks is lobster. Not only is this ocean dwelling animal delicious, but there are quite a few interesting facts about lobsters that are not common knowledge for most people. Just in case you are looking for some compelling dinner conversation the next time you dine at JB Hook's, here are some of those fun facts.

#1 - Although considered a delicacy today, lobster was once so plentiful that it was regularly eaten by paupers. So often, in fact, that they had enough to become sick of it! They even fed lobster to their livestock because there was so much of it.

#2 - Lobsters actually enjoy eating much of the same seafood that we eat, like clams, crabs, and occasionally even other lobsters!

#3 - This particular crustacean can be found in many different colors besides the red we are used to. Some are blue, blue-green, yellow, and others are even two-toned. They turn red once they are …

Watch 4th of July Fireworks From Our 14-Mile Panoramic View of the Lake of the Ozarks

Our restaurant is not only home to the most delicious food and drinks in the lake area, but it also houses the best view of the Lake of the Ozarks for you to enjoy while you dine. The lake itself is gorgeous, and those evening sunsets are absolutely breathtaking. On holiday weekends you can also see many different fireworks displays from JB Hook's, so it's even more exciting than usual.

4th of July Fireworks
Many of the big fireworks displays that can be seen nicely from our Lake of the Ozarks seafood & steak restaurant will be happening on Wednesday, July 4. Since Independence Day falls in the middle of the week this year, we wouldn't be surprised to see fireworks displays going off on a few additional evenings too.

The uninterrupted 14-mile panoramic view from JB Hook's is visible from every seat in the main dining room and our special event room, many of the tables in the bar, and of course, from our covered outdoor patio. When the fireworks begin, we love to tur…

Our Guests Say The Nicest Things About JB Hook's!

Sometimes it can be a little intimidating trying out a new restaurant. Online reviews are a wonderful tool for finding out whether a place is worth spending your time and money. Our guests are very good about sharing their experiences at our Lake of the Ozarks seafood & steak restaurant on many different online review sites. Here is what some of our most recent guests had to say about their time at JB Hook's

"Great service. Servers act like they like their jobs! Appetizers are amazing! We have happy hour appetizers for dinner frequently. At half price, we can have quite a variety. We always take our out-of-town visitors to JB Hooks!"
~Terry Hall, Google review

"Our first time to JB Hooks, and it was fabulous! The friendly hostess was welcoming, she smiled, made eye contact and happily passed along our request for a window seat. Which was granted! (We lucked out on our timing). We enjoyed one of the most spectacular sunsets we’ve ever seen!!! Our waiter, Jake, wa…

Take Back Your Lunch Break This Friday

Did you know that this Friday is National Take Back the Lunch Break Day?  In today's busy world it has become more common for people to eat a quick lunch at their desk while they catch up on work.  This trend has affected employee morale and well-being, which causes employees to be less productive.  Studies have shown that employees who take lunch breaks are more efficient at work and more satisfied with their jobs.  So, on the third Friday of every June, employees are encouraged to take a break, get out of the office, and enjoy one of the many lunch restaurants the Lake of the Ozarks has to offer.  What better place to relax and enjoy great food than JB Hooks?

The Lake of the Ozark's best steak and seafood restaurant doesn't just serve delicious dinner, we also feature an amazing lunch menu.  And even better than a tasty a lunch, is a great lunch deal.  We feature the best lunch specials at the Lake of the Ozarks every day from 11am-4pm.  Whether you're in the mood for…

Give Dad The Gift of Time With You This Father's Day

Father's Day is coming up soon (Sunday, June 17 this year) and JB Hook's knows what all dads want most - quality time with their kids! The lake area is an excellent place to do just that. In addition to enjoying a great meal together at our steak & seafood restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks, there are tons of fun things to do before or after that. Here are a few great examples for you. 

Enjoy the Lake
The most unique part about this beautiful area that we are located in is our gorgeous lake, which allows you to enjoy all sorts of fun and exciting activities. If you don't own a boat, there are lots of places that rent watercraft for the day, and even some wonderful cruises that will take care of the captain duties for you while you just enjoy the ride.

Once on the water, there is tubing, water skiing, wakeboarding, and more to experience. You can even find a quiet cove to hang out in to soak up some sun and do a little swimming. The fishing is incredible at the Lake of t…