What You May Not Know About Lobster!

JB Hook's Lobster is a delicious, legendary meal! One look at a plate of succulent lobster tail, and we know your mouth will be watering. We do have the best seafood at the Lake of the Ozarks after all!
But how much do you really know about our crustacean friends? Read on to learn all about the lobster's interesting history and some delicious facts.

History of the Lobster

Lobster was not always the crave-inducing dish that it is today. In fact, lobsters didn't gain popularity until the 19th century. They used to be incredibly difficult to transport without spoiling before they reached their final destination. 
For that reason, lobster was originally considered a food primarily eaten by those in poverty. In fact, many people preferred to never eat lobster - including prison inmates who used to be served lobster on a regular basis. How incredible is that! 

An advance in technology changed all of that with a new kind of ship that allowed lobsters to be kept alive in the hull of the ship during transportation. Now fresh lobster is available across the country and highly sought after by people of all backgrounds.

What is a Lobster's Natural Habitat?

Lobsters typically hide under rocks or in tight spaces on the ocean floor. They aren't particular about the type of ground in which they live - sand, rock, or mud. 

Their diet consists of both plants and meat such as fish, mollusks, and worms. A somewhat frightening fact about lobsters is that they can resort to cannibalism when they are in captivity. 

You may have had the chance to observe a lobster in a clear tank and noticed that they move by walking, as one would guess. However, if a lobster is trying to get away from a predator, they swim backward rapidly by curling their abdomens and tails. Talk about abs!

Lobsters enjoy a relatively long life in the wild of 40 to 50 years.

The Best Ways to Enjoy Lobster

Lobster is a versatile food that can be prepared a number of ways. The pure flavor of a lobster tail dipped in clarified butter can be a hard one to beat. It is also commonly served in soups, stuffings, on rolls, and in pasta. 

One of our favorite ways to enjoy lobster at JB Hook's is in our delicious Lobster Pasta! 

Try Delicious Lobster Today!

JB Hook's has the best lobster at the Lake of the Ozarks, so come on by and treat yourself to a legendary meal and gorgeous lake views.

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