5 Reasons You'll Love JB Hook's Happy Hour

Our busy lives often have us bustling to and from work and back again, making little time for enjoying ourselves for an hour or two outside the places we spend the most time, but did you know, taking time to stop by JB Hook's Happy Hour might be exactly what you need. Happy Hour can be the most essential social gathering you make time for and JB Hook's is here to tell you why. From delicious tasting treats to a friendly crowd of companions, JB Hook's Happy Hour is the place to be after work.

Relaxed Environment

When you and your coworkers stop by JB Hook's for Happy Hour, you're guaranteed a comfortable place to talk while sipping delicious cocktails. Our wait staff and bartenders know you want to enjoy your time socializing and relaxing, that's why we are happy to recommend dishes and whip up tasty drinks to satisfy you while you mingle. 

Discounted Drinks and Appetizers

We know having an active social calendar can be hard on the wallet, that's why the Lake's best Happy Hour offers guests 1/2 price well-drinks, house wines (including our desirable house-made sangria) and appetizers. When you can enjoy classic cocktails and fine dining at this price, why go anywhere else?

The Menu

If you're looking for a Happy Hour menu that offers a selection a bit more sophisticated than peanuts and nachos, you'll find it at JB Hook's. From thinly sliced smoked salmon on baguettes and served with a dill caper cream sauce, to thick slices of Portabella mushrooms, lightly breaded and fried to perfection - one glance at our Happy Hour menu and you'll be wanting it all! The good news, at these fantastic prices, you can have them all!

The Crowd

Whether you're looking for a great place to meet new friends, network or simply relax and visit with coworkers, JB Hook's Happy Hour has the crowd to please. Our tranquil dining atmosphere is sophisticated and casual - luring in a crowd of pleasant people eager to chat about local activities, sporting events or, even the weather (if that's what you're into).

TIME to Enjoy

JB Hook's knows how to time their Happy Hour to please. That's right, we're not sporting specials for just an hour a day - we invite you to enjoy Happy Hour prices from 3PM to 8PM Monday through Friday and, ALL day on Sunday! It's not your typical Happy Hour because we know, not everyone has a typical day!  

Whether it's a weeknight work gathering or simply, a treat in the middle of week, visit JB Hook's bar during their famous Lake of the Ozarks Happy Hour. There's no denying it, from the impeccable menu selection to the martinis and more, you'll love JB Hook's Happy Hour. If you haven't been, we invite you for an evening of relaxed mingling - with great apps and drinks, too! 
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