Whiskey & Food Pairings at JB Hook's

Wine has long reigned supreme as the classic beverage for food pairing but there's much to be desired when it comes to enjoying whiskey and a mouthwatering meal from JB Hook's. The knowledge of whiskey tasting notes and the ability to pair this particular liquor with food can elevate your dining experience and set you apart as a dining companion with a sophisticated palette. Whether a whiskey enthusiast already or just wetting your whistle, let your Lake of the Ozarks premier steak and seafood restaurant share some suggestions in order to successfully pair whiskey with our food like an expert.

Drink: A Light Whiskey

Pair with: Seafood and spicy meals. Lighter whiskies tend to be more fragrant and with a touch of sweetness. You'll find this in most American varieties and will likely note, they contrast nicely with spicy dishes. Start out your JB Hook's dining experience by pairing a a light whiskey with one of our signature appetizers like:

  • Cajun Style Calamari - Lightly dusted in flour and Cajun Spices, flash fried and served over peppadew pepper cocktail sauce.
  • Bam Bam Shrimp - Lightly battered shrimp drizzled with a sweet and spicy chipotle sauce.
Drink: A Medium Whiskey

Pair with: Proteins such as, grilled chicken, beef, roasted pork, and lamb. Whiskies with moderate or medium intensities, like Scotch or Bourbon because of their smoky, rich flavor notes. you can enhance the flavor of the dish by adding a few drops of distilled or spring water to your glass to open up the smoky notes. A medium whiskey will fare well with an entree like:
  • Peppered Steak Woodrow - A 6oz filet pepper encrusted, char-grilled to perfection, finished with sauteed red onions, bacon and hollandaise sauce.
  • Pork Loin with Golden Raisin Chutney - 16oz pork tenderloin medallions grilled, finished with sauteed golden raisins, basil, red onion and pecan. 
Drink: A Full-bodied Whiskey

Pair with: Hearty dishes. The high alcohol content and spiciness of full-bodied whiskies, like a flavorful single malt whiskey or rye whiskey, pair well with rich, seafood dishes like oysters and smoked fish. They are also an excellent choice for bitter pairings such as strong cheeses or dark chocolate. Try either of these options and prepare for an excellent pairing:
  • Oysters on the Half Shell - East coast succulent oysters served with cocktail sauces and horseradish.
  • Mesquite Smoked Wings - In house smoked and served with a choice of sauces. 

Balancing the contrasting flavors of the whiskey and the food is the ultimate goal of a pairing. Keep these tips in mind and venture to the whiskey side when you visit JB Hook's next. Embark in the wonderful world of whiskey and indulge in the culinary adventure of what a well paired whiskey and delicious JB Hook's meal can do for your palate! Our bar is balanced with whiskies that span the spectrum from light and medium to full-bodied and our menu is just as diverse. Let us make your next meal your best meal - visit your favorite fine dining restaurant today!

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